10 Science STEM Careers Women Should Try

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Food Scientist


As a Food Scientist you will work in many areas including developing and researching new and existing food products, understanding and improving food processes; researching genetics of plants; studying the biological and chemical makeup of food along with food packaging and design.

The average salary of Food Scientists (also called Agricultural Scientists) after some work experience in the field can be about $46,000 for those working in state, local and private colleges and universities.  With a Ph.D. those working in private organizations can start from $57,000 or more annually.  Must have skills include a high tolerance of a variety of environments is with regular visits to farms, manufacturing and food processing plants.

Unique features of career– Food Scientist usually understand how ecosystems work and how pest infiltrate and impact both water and soil.  High interest in food safety is fueling an increase in the need for more Food Scientists.

Necessary soft skills – Writing skills are highly valued in this career.  Successful Food and Agricultural Scientists have excellent communication abilities and can creatively interpret and apply data and information into projects.

If you easily analyze data and you’re  good at  solving problems; enjoy researching facts, have excellent critical-thinking, analytical and observation skills and advanced mathematical ability. this career may be for you.

One Really impactful thing about this career, job or working environment – The projected increase of Food and Agricultural Scientists and a high demand for safe food and pharmaceutical products are good signs for future growth in this area.  Even with all the above factored into the future outlook of this career this a Highly Competitive field.

One Really Positive Thing about this career, job or working environment – Private industry has increased its demand for agricultural and food scientists for many reasons including a need for greater expertise in developing food, crops, and pharmaceutical items. As food scientists many in this field can discover healthy and innovative  sources to  improve food.

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