15 Ways to Have Happy Employees

Tips 11 – 15

11.    These include an employees’ relationship with their boss and coworkers; how the work environment expresses the company culture; highly competitive salaries and increases; great job growth opportunities and the actual work that is performed daily for the job.  When employees perceive a majority of these actions positively employees can feel more satisfaction with the jobs they perform.
12.    Although a perfect fifty-fifty balance between work and an employee’s personal life is somewhat of a myth, if an employee feels there is dynamic integration of their work and personal life and goals this can help employees feel enthusiastic about their jobs.
13.    When an employee’s job is successfully integrated with their personal life the number of hours spent at work may not be a major restraint when the employee feels they are working toward goals and projects that will be acknowledged and recognized by management within their organization.  Employees who are able to balance the demands of their job with the needs and wants of their personal life can feel empowered and appear to be the most satisfied with their jobs and careers.
14.    When employees feel their interests and well being are aligned with an organizations’ policies and procedures, and management values their ideas and intelligence as individuals not just workers, studies have shown employees are happier and perform their jobs to their highest abilities.
15.    When employers make constructive adaptations to policies that show value in employee’s worth at the workplace employees can feel more focused, positive, contented and even feel happier on the job.  Employees’ eagerness positively impacts the organizations’ profit.

C. Wils

See 6 through 10

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