5 More Ways – Happy Employees


Tips – 6 through  10

6.    Studies also show that if an employer exhibits positive rewards and opportunities for employee’s ideas and input employees could be more willing to take bold and constructive risks.

7.    These risks can include implementing new time and cost saving processes and ideas from employees that can be beneficial to the organization’s profit.  Management can avoid large numbers of unmotivated employees when policies, procedures and practices change they make sure that incentives, employee acknowledgements and rewards for jobs well done are included in those changes.

8.    Employees enjoying satisfactorily work environments are not necessarily free of conflict that will occasionally arise on the job.  When conflict occurs it is beneficial that management has already incorporated constructive conflict policies and procedures that all employees follow including top management.

9.    Progressive organizations’ management teams understand that innovations within organizations is one of the most important tools for future growth.

10.    Unhappy and dissatisfied employees can cost large organizations millions of dollars in lost productivity.  Keeping employees satisfied involve a variety of behaviors, actions and factors.

See 1 through 5

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