15 Tips Happy Productive Employees

Tips – 1 through 5HappyEmployee1A

1.    Being happy on the job could be a real emotional stretch for most employees.  Instead of using the word happy (which some people shy away from) another expression of happiness could be finding a balance between the satisfaction of completing successful projects while also experiencing harmonious teamwork with peers and managers on the job.
2.    Studies have shown that Employers can provide specific tools that allow Employees to enjoy their jobs.  Employees also contribute to happiness or enjoyment of their job and work projects.
3.    When employees feel satisfied by the quality of work and results from their job they experience greater loyalty toward their employer.
4.    Some reasons employees don’t remain at organizations include feeling a lack of improvement of their skills; an inability to become promoted and perceptions of stagnation within their careers.
5.    When employees are unhappy with bosses’ treatment of them including feelings that arbitrary decisions from upper management and bosses are made without considering how these new changes will impact employee’s work and even personal lives, employees could become very disgruntled.

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