Get a Green Job


Photographer – Eddie Fisher

Green Jobs are for people in careers that work with plants and trees. These jobs even include those who work with earth’s animal wildlife population that assist plants in producing, cultivating and sustaining the green earth.

Under the concentration of Conservation Scientists and Foresters these jobs include Hydrology, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Range Ecologists, Soil Conservationists and Water Conservationists.

Horticulture is a discipline of Botany along with various concentrations including Plant Ecology, Plant Biotechnology, Paleobotany, Plant Physiology, Phytochemistry and Plant Pathology.

Environmental Scientists concentrations include Environmental Chemists, Environmental Health Specialists and Environmental Protection Specialists.

Those with jobs as Herpetologists, Limnologists, Mammalogists, Marine Biologists, Ornithologists, Zoologists, Wildlife Educators and Wildlife Rehabilitators work with the abundance of earth’s animals and insects. All of these jobs and careers are ”Green Jobs.”

More on these Green Jobs

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