Are You In or Out of the Loop?

Photo by Eddie Fisher

Photo by Eddie Fisher

Authors Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans share their viewpoints about what happens in most offices.

Even as kids we knew that information was power. We told secrets. I’ll tell him, but not her—that makes me powerful. As effective adults, we still want and, in fact, need to be in the information loop. Why? Because accurate, timely information enables us to:

• Feel like valued members of our teams
• Be excited about our roles and motivated to do great work
• Make choices about our careers
• Initiate actions that keep our own work on the cutting edge
• Understand the culture and politics of our workplaces

Are you in the loop? Do you have the real story about what’s going on? In a perfect world, your manager and organization leaders would keep you in the know, especially during times of major change. But it’s not a perfect world—yet. For many reasons, you may not be getting the information you need to be satisfied and successful. If that’s the case, don’t wait for someone else to fill you in. Take charge, plug in, and get more information.

You May Be Out of the Loop if
• You see substantial change (reorganization, new leadership, downsizing, position changes) but don’t know why it’s happening or what it means
• You meet silence or discomfort when you ask about the future
• Others seem to understand organization culture and politics that leave you clueless
• Your best source of news about your workplace is the media
If you’re out of the loop, don’t wait for someone else to be your informant. Do it yourself. Here’s how:

Build Your Network
• Ask people from your team and others out to lunch
• Travel with colleagues to meetings across town or out of town
• Attend company or unit social functions, even when you don’t have to
• Listen for clues about the culture and politics of the place.

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